October 13, 2016

Okay guys, today we’ll continue with the staple slip-ons. Processed with Snapseed. It is said that monk shoes were named because monks in Europe were known to wear this kind of shoes during for extra protection as opposed to sandals. The shoe has no lacing, its closed by a buckle and strap aka monk strap. The monk strap that is fastened across the front of the shoe can have a single or double buckle closure. The Monk is less formal than an Oxford but more so than loafers. If you’re aiming to look stylish, in a less formal setting, I’d say this is the pair for you.  This pair of shoes can work well with jeans to suits. Monk shoes are popular in suede and occasionally brogued. Should I wear socks with these shoes? You can get away with no socks if you’re going to someplace with a less formal setting. However, if you’re going for a meeting with a client and need to look more put together, you should wear socks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQTy-t7_qT8 Processed with VSCO with 4 preset These shoes are easily identified by its slip-on style. You can dress up or dress down with slip-ons, depending on what you wear, which makes this style highly versatile. Slip-ons that feature a metal strap across the front tend to look more formal and can be matched with a suit. If you just want to look smart on a night out with the boys, you can select a pair of slip-ons with tassels and match it with a shirt and chinos. One thing to note, you should wear slip-ons with a shoehorn to prevent damaging the back heel leather when slipping on the shoes. I’d like to know though; do you feel that slip-ons are a staple in your shoe closet? What’s your favourite slip-on?

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